align your daily schedule
with your life goals & priorities

LUCKY Life Planner is a robust all-in-one system that helps you achieve your goals while planning a fuller, more balanced life. It also gives you innovative tools to deal with common life challenges.

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A planner that helps you balance your life by clarifying your priorities and keeping them in sight every day.

LUCKY Life Planner is a goal-setting system that helps you align your daily schedule with your life goals & priorities. It also nudges you to plan a fuller, more balanced life, and gives you innovative tools to deal with common life challenges.

Planner Content:

Goal Setter

The goal-setting section of the planner provides powerful tools that help you organize, prioritize, and plan your goals step-by-step. It includes the following pages:

Goal Setter

Master your schedule

See your year at a glance, plan your months and your weeks / days. Specify your focus, plan out your projects, and keep in sight your goals, while planning the details of your life.

Track & adjust

Keep track of where you are while pursuing your goals. In additon to weekly reviews, there are Quarterly Check-ins and an Annual Review. They guide you to take stock of your progress and make better decisions about how to move forward.

Goal Setter

The innovative Life Tools at the back of the planner (plus online, in printable form) are exercises and worksheets that help you gain clarity, handle common life challenges, and thrive.


The planner comes with complementary access to extra copies of its pages, alternative printable layouts, as well as many other useful PDF printables, such as the:


What our customers say


Regular planners are a missed oportunity. While they allow you to list upcoming tasks and events, they don't help you keep in sight the bigger picture of your life. They may help get stuff done, but they don't help you prioritize effectively.

LUCKY Life Planner solves these problems, and offers tools to support you on your journey through a life aligned with who you are and what you truly want. It's based on the latest research and principles of neuroscience, psychology, and productivity.

It was coinceived, written, and designed by Ilina Simeonova, and later launched in partnership with her sister, Monika Simeonova. Initially published in a limited edition for 2017, its official First Edition was released for 2018. Based in New York City, we're passionate about positive psychology, as well as helping you stay organized and live a balanced life.

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